#KeepTheLuangwaFlowing : Sign to petition to save the river

WWF is implementing a public campaign to highlight the value of the Luangwa river. The Luangwa was identified as one of the longest remaining free-flowing rivers in Zambia, and is one of the biggest unaltered rivers in Southern Africa. Its seasonal changes support a vibrant local community, agriculture industry and a growing tourism industry that is entirely based on the rich wildlife and beautiful scenery of this catchment. Unfortunately, the ecosystem services that the river provides are now threatened by hydropower development, deforestation and unsustainable commercial agriculture, among other things.
Sign the petition here https://www.wwfzm.panda.org/keep_the_luangwa_flowing___sign… to #KeepTheLuangwaFlowing.

Sign the petition to prohibit mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park

“The Lower Zambezi National Park was due to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a result of the Zambian Government’s agreement not to allow mining there. However, Zambia has since allowed an environmental impact statement to be tendered by the Austrailian company, Zambezi Resources for a massive open-pit mining operation in the park, suggesting a change of mind on the part of the Patriotic Front Government. However, ZEMA have now refused the application but Zambezi Resources have appealed to the Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection to overturn the ZEMA decision. Should he do so the campaign will move to inform the Company investors, as well as target the Mugabe/Sata/UNTWO pact.”

The Zambia Community Based Natural Resource Management Forum supports the initiative to prohibit mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park. Please sign the petition to support this cause at the link below:


ZCBNRM Forum at the Green Expo 2013

Come to the Green Expo 2013 to support the CBNRM Forum and other Zambian eco-products this Friday- Sunday!

The Zambia CBNRM Forum and it’s members will be displaying products which promote conservation at the Green Expo 2013 held this Friday April 5th- Sunday April 7th at the Lusaka Museum.

Our featured members and products will include:

Save Environment and People Agency– with hand bags made of pypulus weeds, hand bags made out beads, pesos made out of weeds, sun hats made out weeds, tables mats made out plastic and grass. sandals made out convey belts, baskets, wooden neck less and tie and die Materials (chitenjes) wall mate made out of sisal and honey

Green Basin– with natural cosmetics

Mumbwa Honey Producers– with locally produced honey

Zambia Forestry College- promoting the new six month professional diploma course in CBNRM

Here is some more information of the Green Expo:

This year’s expo will still present unique opportunities for organisations/individuals that are involved with or would like to publicise their efforts in sustainable practices concentrating on the following areas:

  1. Impact of Climate change and our carbon footprint
  2. Solutions for Energy and water conservation
  3. Recycling
  4. Waste reduction & management
  5. Organic products
  6. Biodiversity and protection of species

The theme of this year’s expo is: Eco-opportunities for Businesses in Zambia

We will also be launching the green directory/ guide for Zambia “The Green Pages” during the expo.

– CBNRM Forum Members Opportunity to Participate in The Green Expo 2013

The Forum will be participating in The Green Expo 2013 being held next week April 5th- 7th at the Lusaka Museum. The theme of this year’s expo is: Eco-opportunities for Businesses in Zambia.

“This year’s expo will still present unique opportunities for organisations/individuals that are involved with or would like to publicize their efforts in sustainable practices concentrating on the following areas:

  1. Impact of Climate change and our carbon footprint
  2. Solutions for Energy and water conservation
  3. Recycling
  4. Waste reduction & management
  5. Organic products
  6. Biodiversity and protection of species  “
As a Forum, we will be displaying members’ products that promote conservation. Please let us know if you would like to join us in participating in this event by displaying your eco-products at the CBNRM Forum display tables. 
Please ensure your membership is up to date and email a letter of interest and a brief description of your products to zcbnrm.org@gmail.com no later than Tuesday April 2nd.

-CBNRM in The Post: Civil Society Objects to Mining Project in Lower Zambezi

The Post

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Civil society objects to mining project in Lower Zambezi                       

By: Kabanda Chulu

Construction of a mining project in the Lower Zambezi National Park should not take place because the developers have not demonstrated technical and institutional capacity to meet Zambian environmental regulations, says the civil society.

Giving an update on the proposed mining activities in the Lower Zambezi national park, Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) representative David Ngwenyama said the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted by Zambezi Resources failed to meet the minimum technical standards for a project of the magnitude proposed.

He said according to the EIS, the developer would transport all the copper concentrates from the mine site to smelters on the Copperbelt.

“The developer proposes moving 160 tonnes of concentrates per day using 6×30 tonne trucks. This is likely to lead increased pressure on and damage to roads. In addition, this has a very high risk of hazard waste spillage and increases accident risks throughout the transportation route,” Ngwenyama said. “Proceeding with the project may lead to severe impacts on the country’s economy since it is more likely to lead to significant costs and no significant benefits.”

He said the poor quality of the EIS showed a lack of preparedness, seriousness and professional competence by the developer.

“The EIS lacks clarity on basic issues such as the life of the proposed mine and fails to provide comprehensive analysis of projected impacts of the mine as well as fails to provide a necessary environmental management plan,” Ngwenyama said, adding that the project would conflict the provisions of several regional, bilateral and multilateral agreements including SADC protocols on shared water courses, forestry, tourism, wildlife and UNESCO world heritage sites.

In September 2012, Zambia Environmental Management (ZEMA) rejected the copper mining project citing  various environmental concerns.

But the developers appealed to environment minister Wilbur Simuusa for possible consideration.

Since then, Simuusa has not yet made a decision on whether to endorse the ZEMA position or reject it to allow mining to go ahead.


-Call for Member Participation! Environmen​tal and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Mining Project at the source of the Zambezi River

Today March 4, 2013, in the Times of Zambia, L.M. Engineering through Jimbe Minerals Limited (JML) has advertised for public consultations in Ikelenge District to obtain public views in determing the scope of work for the ESIA to develop a Nickel Mine in His Royal highness Chief Nyakasenya area in North-Western Province.
Time Table of the meetings as follows:
Kamafumbo- Kamafumbo Basic School 08/03/2013 at 14:30 Hrs
Salunjinga- Salujinga Basic School 09/02/2013 at 10:30 Hrs
Kayuka- Kayuka Central Area 10/03/2013 at 14:00 Hrs
We would like to find out from the membership if any one will be in position to participate and would be willing to share the proceedings of these meetings.
This is the source of the Zambezi River, and therefore requires greater attention by all of us!
Please let us know if you are able to attend by emailing:  zcbnrm.org@gmail.com

– Job Opportunity for CBNRM Forum Members

Employment offered:

Would you like to work with environmental and social justice in rural
areas? Are you planning a B.Sc. or M.A. project? Or do you just like
analysis, research and writing?

Sanga Research & Development Ltd, a not-for-profit company based in
Lusaka, is looking for two young, part-time research assistants to be
employed over the period March – October 2013.

A recent degree in development studies or geography is an advantage.
Please check out our project on www.steps-centre.org/project/carbon/.
Send your application letter – stating the reasons for why we should
engage you – with your full contact details and cv to

– CBNRM Course Enrollment at Zambia Forestry College


This  serves  to  inform  the  general  public  intending  to  pursue  a  career  in  Community  Based  Natural
Resources Management (CBNRM) to make their applications now.

Entry Conditions
–  A Certificate and/or a Diploma in any Natural Resource/Social Science related course.

–   Application forms for this 6 months course can be obtained from the college or any Provincial and
District Forestry Offices countrywide or requested via zambiaforestrycollege@yahoo.com
– Download and complete application form, attach photocopies of all relevant Certificates/Diplomas,
National Registration Card, deposit slip of KR 120 as a non refundable processing fee and send this
to the indicated address on the application form.
–   The deadline for receiving such applications is 20 th  February 2013.
–  Indicate a reliable phone/cell number and physical address on the application form
–   All applicants must be physically and medically fit as this course is extremely intensive; and
–   For      more      information      call:      260-212-239009      or      260-965-449345      or      email:

– ATTN MEMBERS: Proposal Writing and Fundraising Techniques Training Course Opportunity


The Zambia Community Based Natural Resource Management Forum would like to support four currently updated CBNRM Forum Members to attend a “Proposal Writing and Fundraising Techniques Training Course” held at Tsopano Centre, Lusaka on February 11th-15th, 2013.

Please email your application in the form of a letter of interest to zcbnrm.org@gmail.com
Include the following details: Name, Organisation, Position, Email, Phone Number

Deadline for receiving applications by the CBNRM Forum Secretariat is: Tuesday February 5, 2013.



11th – 15th February, 2013 – TSOPANO CENTRE, LUSAKA


Course Content

·         Project design: main elements of a project with emphasis on how the project’s design attracts or repels donors

·         Principles of fundraising: Why write proposals? Who reads proposals? What do proposal evaluators look for?

·         Understanding and cultivating donor relationships: How to keep an active relationship with the donor, following guidelines, the power of communication, etc

·         Learning from others: Examples from organisations that have succeeded in mobilising substantial grants from donors

·         Interactive sessions with donor agencies/organisations: Meet and discuss face to face with the people that make decisions regarding your project proposals

·         ‘Take away project’: Work individually and seek guidance from colleagues on your own ‘take away’ project proposal

·         Useful guides and resources: Free resources that will get you started on your journey to raising resources for your organisation

·         Expert trainers: Trainers who have both theoretical and hands on expertise in the field

Target Group

Anyone who is working in a project environment, desires to work in projects or wishes to better understand the workings of NGOs and donors. Employees need not necessarily be employees in an NGO. Individuals seeking to develop new networks and linkages are welcome


Fees, Venue and Registration

The course fee will amount to 2,000 ZMW (Zambian Kwacha rebased) which includes:

–       5 days training course

–       Refreshments, tea breaks & lunch meals

–       Training material

–       Certificate of Participation

The training course will be taking place at the Tsopano Centre, 20 Tito Road, Rhodes Park from 09:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs daily on the proposed dates.

Email: admin@civilsocietycenter.org or matt.zingel@civilsocietycenter.org for details or call 0965 200736/0211258792