Our projects and work

The Zambia CBNRM Forum works across the country to support the implementation and delivery of pilot projects, showcasing best practice and working to influence government in their management of natural resources.  Within this section you will find further information on some of our current or previous projects and examples of how you can work with the CBNRM Forum:

  • Supporting Indigenous Community Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCAs) in Zambia : Setting the cornerstones
  • Forest Reserve Support Project in Eastern Province by promoting sustainable forest management in all the protected forest reserves, by ensuring that forest boundaries are clearly defined, mapped and marked with forest beacons and providing extension services to communities living around forest reserves.
  • Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR)
  • Capacity Building Project of the Western Region Community Resources Board Association in the Kafue Ecosystem – Southern, Western, Central and North-Western Provinces of Zambia
  • Combating Wildlife Crime Project: monitoring Judicial Processes of Wildlife cases in courts at district and national level
  • Operationalizing the Landscape Approach for Biodiversity Benefits: promoting the use of the landscape approach for livelihoods and adaptation to climate change, biodiversity conservation, democracy, governance work and raising awareness on the importance of biodiversity.
  • Climate Justice Initiative – supporting communities in water management practices in Namwala and Kazungula
  • Lower Zambezi National Park campaign – leading the civil society coalition to prevent the development of a mine within the National Park
  • Helping to build community capacity in Natural Resource Management – working to support communities in NRM and development of new livelihood activities in Kasonso Busanga GMA
  • Strengthening community capacity to collect and analyse information for management decisions – working with key partners to create paraecologist jobs within Zambia and better manage natural resources
  • Supporting the creation of a community based enterprise in Luangwa – establishing a local business making, marketing and selling Baobab Fruit Juice for sustainable income generation.

If you would like to work with the Forum, have an idea for a project or would like to hear more about our work please contact us.

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