– CBNRM Forum Members Opportunity to Participate in The Green Expo 2013

The Forum will be participating in The Green Expo 2013 being held next week April 5th- 7th at the Lusaka Museum. The theme of this year’s expo is: Eco-opportunities for Businesses in Zambia.

“This year’s expo will still present unique opportunities for organisations/individuals that are involved with or would like to publicize their efforts in sustainable practices concentrating on the following areas:

  1. Impact of Climate change and our carbon footprint
  2. Solutions for Energy and water conservation
  3. Recycling
  4. Waste reduction & management
  5. Organic products
  6. Biodiversity and protection of species  “
As a Forum, we will be displaying members’ products that promote conservation. Please let us know if you would like to join us in participating in this event by displaying your eco-products at the CBNRM Forum display tables. 
Please ensure your membership is up to date and email a letter of interest and a brief description of your products to zcbnrm.org@gmail.com no later than Tuesday April 2nd.

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